Shapes Unlimited Inc: Welcome to our new Website & Blog

Welcome! Because this is Shapes Unlimited’s first blog post, I would like to begin by introducing myself. My name is Michelle Gietman and I have been working for Shapes Unlimited for about 20 years. When I meet new people, they inevitably ask me… where do you work? My answer almost always requires answering many more questions in order to fully explain what we do but I guess when the word “unlimited” is in your company name this would make sense! My goal for our new website design and blog posts is to better communicate what we do at Shapes Unlimited and share insights about product designs & the talented people who make it all possible.

At Shapes Unlimited, we fabricate clients designs delivering product solutions for their clients and while doing so provide unparalleled customer service that leads to additional collaboration & growth. We believe that by taking care of our customers and employees that great things are sure to follow for all.

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