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Custom-built princess bed and headboard by Shapes UnlimitedMore than a contract manufacturer of wood furniture,  Shapes Unlimited Inc. works with companies and other organizations to fabricate their products, designs, or sometimes even a castle bed fit for a princess!  With creativity and skilled craftsmanship, the crew at Shapes Unlimited are driven to make your project a success from start to finish.

Whether you have a rough sketch or full production assembly drawings, their goal is to deliver what you need… built at your specifications, delivered before your deadline, and priced within budget whether that be one princess bed or one hundred tapered pedestal tables.

When Shapes Unlimited partnered with Special Spaces – Wisconsin, the project started with the simple notion of creating custom furniture for a princess themed bedroom makeover.  From there, ideas were exchanged, and design concepts were born.  Once dimensions were confirmed, color palette selected, and deadline set… production was quickly underway.  With frequent communication throughout the project, the castle furniture was delivered on time and the princess bedroom reveal was a huge success.

Custom Princess Bed and Headboard Built by Shapes Unlimited - Custom Furniture Fabrication

The Shapes Unlimited name itself emerged from the wide range of unique shapes and forms to which their production capabilities can give shape.  And as the name implies, there are unlimited product fabrication solutions.

At Shapes Unlimited, we fabricate your designs and deliver product solutions all while providing unparalleled customer service which leads to future collaboration & growth. We believe that by taking exceptional care of our customers and employees that great things are sure to follow for all.

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