Expert Production Capabilities

Our products are built and finished to your exact design & specifications using our expertise and all available resources to deliver a product with service that exceeds your expectations.

Value-Engineering Support

Bring us your cocktail napkin drawing or a complete set of CAD drawings. Our engineering department will go over the details with you and determine the best method of construction and also provide value-engineering suggestions to keep your project within budget. Our engineering team can provide computer renderings, AutoCAD services, and CNC programming as required.

CNC Capabilities

Our modern facility features CNC machinery which allows precision accuracy and consistency to program component parts which we either sell raw or use in our own construction. (CNC PHOTO) We are also able to program and miterfold rectangles (or any shape with square corners such as hexagons for example) from mdf sheets which are pre-covered with natural wood veneers or vinyl sheets.


Materials that we can route melamine, mdf, plywood, plexi-glass, pvc plastic sheets, laminates, solid surface material

Skilled Craftsmanship

The majority of our products are not created by way of automation however and thus are created by the hands of our skilled team with a high level of craftsmanship and a keen eye for details. We have acquired specialized talents in the fabrication of radius components and have a strong reputation for these capabilities. (Photo of veneered cone in production)

Specialty Radius Components Curved components are our specialty and we make them every day. The product possibilities available through Shapes Unlimited really are quite unlimited. We have the capabilities necessary to create virtually any design you can conceptualize giving you the ability to accommodate the unique requirements and innovation that your client demands.


Laminating & Veneering Experts

We work with a wide array of substrates and finish materials, which gives our clients a multitude of design options. We stock a large inventory of natural & composite wood veneers in various species and work with a variety of high pressure laminate vendors to give you endless finish possibilities. Our skilled finish technicians have years of experience working with laminates & veneers and specialize in covering radius surfaces.


OEM Furniture Production

Our years of experience and well-honed production methods makes Shapes a great resource for OEM furniture production saving our clients the financial burden of in-house fabrication. The classic cylinder drum table base (or free-standing pedestal) is available in several sizes (with laminate or veneer finishes) and is a very popular product line. We will produce & package to per your company guidelines under your label.


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