Fiberboard Tubes

We stock an array of geometric convolute shapes and spiral cores which we use in our fabrication process and are available for purchase in their raw form. From 3” to 48” in diameter, the spiral rounds are available for quick shipment in lengths up to 8’ tall.

  • Spiral
  • Circular
  • Hexagon
  • Oval

  • Racetrack
  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Triangle

Tube Construction

Our fiber tubes are wax-free and made from multiple layers of heavy-weight fiberboard. Their laminated layer construction makes them strong and comparable in density to that of MDF. This construction makes them an ideal substitute for plywood tubes and allows you to combine sections of the tube with plywood, solid stock, or particle board to create attractive component parts with radius corners.

Customized Tube

Need a special cut or finish? No problem! We are able to cut the tubes vertically, horizontally, or on a slant to meet your needs. Need a special size or unique shape for a big project? Contact us for a customized tooling quote.

End Plugs

Solid or donut ends (with access holes) can be installed into the tubes for an additional charge. We are also able to CNC program and route leveler holes for easy installation and/or provide other customized CNC routing that you may need into the wood substrate of your choice.

Laminating & Veneering Options

We can finish every shape with high-pressure laminate, wood veneers, metal sheets, or paint finishes.