We stock a substantial inventory of geometric convolute shapes and spiral cores. From 3" diameter to 48" diameter spirals or any one of our unique geometric convolutes. Shapes Unlimited carries the stock inventory for your quick ship. We can also fabricate and finish to your exact specification. If a special non-stock spec is required, we can also run to your requirement.

Our fiber tubes are wax-free and made from multiple layers of heavy-weight fiberboard. Their laminated construction makes them strong and allows you to combine sections of tube with plywood, solid stock, or particle board to create attractive components with radius corners. Every geometric shape can be finished with high-pressure laminate, paint, or wood veneers.

Several geometric shapes are available with stock-cut or custom sizes:

  • Circular tubes
  • Half-round tubes
  • Quarter-round tubes
  • Hexagon tubes
  • Oval tubes
  • Rectangle tubes
  • Spiral tubes
  • Square tubes
  • Squares & Rectangles with Soft Radius
  • Trapezoid tubes
  • Triangle tubes

Tubes Catalog Tubes Catalog (2579 KB)