In addition to supplying raw stock components for your in-house construction, our project coordinators have extensive experience with specialty materials. They can guide you through selecting the appropriate substrate, paints, and laminates that are the right fit for your project.

Our fiber tubes are wax-free and made from multiple layers of heavy-weight fiberboard. Every geometric shape can be finished with high-pressure laminate, paint, or wood veneers.

Their laminated construction makes them strong and allows you to combine sections of tube with plywood, solid stock, or particle board to create attractive components with radius corners.

Several geometric shapes are available with stock-cut or custom sizes:

  • Circular tubes
  • Half-round tubes
  • Quarter-round tubes
  • Hexagon tubes
  • Oval tubes
  • Rectangle tubes
  • Spiral tubes
  • Square tubes
  • Squares & Rectangles with Soft Radius
  • Trapezoid tubes
  • Triangle tubes